Iris Nowenstein

Iris Nowenstein

Postdoc in linguistics & speech-language pathologist

University of Iceland & University Hospital of Iceland

My primary research interests are language acquisition and language loss. I want to know how children learn language and how adults sometimes lose language. I also investigate the way in which these mechanisms shape language variation and change, particularly in the context of Icelandic case marking.

In my postdoctoral project, the main focus is on the interface of language and memory in acquisition and aging, with the aim of ultimately contributing to work on developmental language disorders and language difficulties in dementia. I am also currently involved in various efforts to ensure that people in smaller language communities have access to digital health resources which are based on language technology, e.g. automatic speech and language analysis for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases. From October 2024 to May 2025, I will be a Fulbright visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

Selected talks, posters & publications

Nowenstein, I. In preparation. The Acquisition of Non-Default Rules: A Case for Exceptions. Cambridge University Press.

Nowenstein, I. Stanojevic, M., Örnólfsson, G., Jónsdóttir, M.K., Simpson, B., Sorinas Nerin, J., Bergþórsdóttir, B., Hannesdóttir, K., Novikova, J. & Curcic, J. 2024. Speech and Language Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative Conditions: Developing Cross-Linguistically Valid Tools for Automatic Analysis. RaPID-5 at LREC-COLING.

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